Schrade Hunting Knives

Here you are able to find the best schrade hunting knife which will help you. And we will provide you with the detailed information, which I believe will give you great help when you have no idea what to buy.

The tang extends through the pommel, ending flush with the pommel surface, at which point it is somewhere around 0. 25 inch wide and 0. 125 inch thick. The sheath that comes with the knife is very well made, consisting of a durable plastic interior wrapped with nylon and riveted all the way through. There is a useful velcro pocket on the outside which can hold the included although somewhat crude sharpening stone, or other crucial items like waterproof matches, tinder or a magnesium bar.

What are you hesitating for? Go and get a satisfying hunting knife.

Best Selling Schrade Hunting Knives

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October 26, 2014