Schrade Hunting Knives

If you are searching for a new schrade hunting knife? I will be so pleased to show you some useful products here. Below are a number of popular products which are of great quality.

They’re great strong hunting knives you can use for survival if necessary. In addition to this, they’re affordable and are going to do the task well if needed. They are hunting knives that worth every cent. These knives are eye-catching with the black powder coating. I can’t imagine anyone not being happy with the knife.

You can buy a couple of these as presents for some of your friends. Move on now.

Find the Best Schrade Hunting Knives

Schrade 153UH Uncle Henry Golden Spike Knife Fixed Blade

Golden Spike fixed-blade knife. 9.25 over-all length.

Expert Advice
  • “Very Nice Knife!” – Mad-Hungarian
  • “You won’t go wrong on this knife.” – J. Adkins
  • “These were gifts for family so we weren’t the ones to use them, but they seemed to be really great knifes.” – Sarah Hansen

Schrade Uncle Henry Knife Fixed Blade

Pro Hunter 10 overall Length with a leather sheath. Schrade SuperSharp Blade. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Customer Reviews
  • “A great knife from a great knife maker.” – Amazon Customer
  • “The quality of the knife itself was good and the sheath is excellent.” – Audette
  • “The imitation stag handle is cheap painted plastic that doesn’t even attempt to look real.” – John McIntyre

Schrade 152OT Old Timer Sharpfinder

Old Timer Sharpfinger fixed blade knife. 7.25 overall length, and includes a leather sheath.

Product Ratings
  • “Even though it NOW says it’s "made in China" this is a very nice quality knife.” – Hillbillie
  • “I will buy Schrade forever.” – Mike Zumwalt
  • “Perfect for skinning deer and hogs.” – Thomas Corrigan

Schrade 7OT Old Timer Cave Bear

Old Timer Cave Bear single blade lock-back folding pocket knife.

Product Reviews
  • “I searched for knives made in the USA and Schrade came up.” – Mamsx5
  • “I used to have a similar knife and it was the best knife I ever had.” – movielover55
  • “My son ordered this as a gift for his father for christmas and said his dad loved it.” – nat

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife. Drop point style blade made of 1095 high carbon steel. Full tang with TPE rubber scales and a lanyard hole.

Expert Advice
  • “This is a very well built full tang knife.” – Jeffrey Alley
  • “Great knife for the outdoors or survival kit.” – Swinosan
  • “Chopping, cutting, whittling, batoning, it does it all and does it well.” – Clayton LeVier

Schrade SCHF1 Extreme Survival Special Forces Fixed Blade Knife,

Schrade SCHF1 Extreme Survival Knife with Bit Driver in Handle. Pointing out the features only does so much justice for this Knife..

Consumer Reports
  • “Great carry knife for all your outdoor needs!” – W. Landers
  • “Should last a life time with normal use and no abuse.” – b.j. welch
  • “This is the best combat knife I have ever seen, it is better than my Ka-bar D-2, it is better than my Blackhawk, Gerber and ect.” – John F. Guibert

Schrade Old Timer Guthook Knife 7.25 Skinner

Old Timer Guthook skinner. 7.25 overall length with a leather sheath.

Product Reviews
  • “I would recommend this knife to any of my friends.” – Kerrie K.
  • “He loved it so much, we bought two more for the boys!” – Paintinthyme
  • “Taylor knives took over Schrade, just as Browning had their guns made in China ,same good quality,the only difference, one has USA, the other China on it .” – Carl wilkerson

Schrade Deerslayer with Leather Sheath

Old Timer Deerslayer fixed blade knife. 10.5 overall length, includes a leather sheath.

Consumer Reports
  • “Feels very good in my hand.” – Top Flite Golfer
  • “This knife would sell for so much more if made here.” – idazzled
  • “The blade is sharp and seems to hold an edge very well.” – Missouri Eagle

Schrade Old Timer Game Muskrat Knife Two-Blade Folding

Old Timer Muskrat two-blade folding pocket knife. 4 closed length. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Expert Advice
  • “Said it was one of the best knives ever.” – Geraldine McMurl
  • “I bought this for my husband, and he really liked it!” – Terri Moore
  • “The Schrade Company was located in Ellenville NY and all knives were manufactured at the Ellenville facility.” – Steven M. Mabry

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