Survival Combat Knives

For providing best survival combat knives for you, I have listed several different types and brands that have performed well.

A good survival combat knife will satisfy your needs well, perform well and last a lifetime with proper care. Here are a few tips on selecting a good survival combat knife for those who plan to start out in this fun sport.

Hope you will enjoy our list.

Top Rated Survival Combat Knives

Elite Forces Survival Bowie Knife and ABS lined Tactical Sheath

Elite Forces Survival Bowie Knife and ABS lined Tactical Sheath

Buying Guides
  • “Good Knife , it feels good in the hand and is well balanced.” – Sha
  • “This knife came in the box, very Sharpe.” – Jerry Lee
  • “Purchased for my son for Christmas and he loves it.” – rcourson

Whetstone Cutlery Survivor Stainless Steel Knife - 7.375 Inches, Black
Whetstone Cutlery

The durable stainless steel construction of this survival knife by Whetstone is complimented by its sharp 3.5 inch stainless steel blade which features a resilient black coated finish.

Consumer Reports
  • “Again, it is a one piece knife, so it feels good in the hand and looks pretty cool.” – J. Borowic
  • “For five bucks, I can’t complain much.” – J. Penny
  • “I’ve heard knives with black coatings will not work in this way and want to experiment when there is no crisis.” – Nature Walk

Amazon Jungle Survival Knife with Sheath
Bud K

Don’t brave the jungle without this knife! The Amazon Jungle Survival Knife is the ultimate in survival knives. It features a drilled guard for strapping and spear applications and heavy jagged sawback ridge design, completed with a corded handle for grip and twine that houses a mini survival kit.

Product Research
  • “The pommel is a compass. -good quality sheath -BOWIE KNIVES ARE AWESOME!” – jsk
  • “Great knife, sharp and durable.” – JustAnotherDude
  • “I did not bend it or anything, i just stabbed it and the tip was gone.” – jonathan aldave

Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife (Black)
Ontario Knife

The SP2 Airforce Survival Knife made by Ontario Knife is part of the Spec Plus Next Generation series designed for military, sporting, and rescue use.

Customer Reviews
  • “Great outdoors survival knife on the cheap and made in the USA.” – ColoradoWildMan
  • “Would highly recommended it to any pre per outdoor camper, survivalist.” – H.R.
  • “Out of the box the knife isn’t razor sharp, but it isn’t dull, and if you have a little skill with a sharpening stone, you can easily put a wicked edge on it.” – Bill

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sheath, Black

The Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife is an indispensable tool for a variety of outdoor, hunting, emergency or tactical applications. At the core is a Bushcraft Black Carbon Knife with a razor-sharp, burly 1/8-inch (3.

Customer Reviews
  • “Very nice product…………….Good quality, like the options, used it only once for fishing so far.” – Margrit L. Hobbs
  • “I put this knife through the ringer and it held its own very well.” – Fotoman
  • “This is a great all around everyday task knife.” – J. Ramirez

Tops Knives Survival Tactical 7 Surv-Tac 7 Knife

Tops Survival Tactical 14 overall. 7 1095 carbon steel sawback blade with black traction coating. Full tang with integrated guard and prybar tip.

Rothco Kit Knife, Black

The Survival Kit Knife includes all of the basic for survival. Includes a Sharpening Stone, Compass, Matches, Fishhooks, Line, Wire Cutter and Saw. Total length 11.

Survival Combat Knives Reviews
  • “Knowing that i didn’t really expect this to be a good knife, and I’m sorry to say its not.” – A. you
  • “Don’t buy this knife if you are going camping.” – ZBTopp
  • “You have the basic supplies for fishing (hook, line) and even if you didn’t have water nearby with plenty of fish, you aren’t going to starve for a few days.” – K. Corn

Buck Knives 0070BKSBH Buck Hood Thug Knife
Buck Knives

The midsize Buck/Hood Thug is designed to be an outdoor/survival/adventure knife that can handle even the most rugged and tough conditions. Built to Buck’s quality standards, the Thug helps ensure survival in extreme conditions.

Trademark Black Survival Knife with Survival Gear
Whetstone Cutlery

The Full Tilt Survival knife is a dream knife for just about anybody. Dressed in black, designed to do “business” it holds no surprises or setbacks.

  • “I’ve been around my fair share of knives for the last 15 years and have to say for how cheap this knife is, the quality is very impressive.” – Josh Palatucci
  • “I was surprised at its size and construction.” – Dale in Tenn
  • “It is perfect for camping and to use in any sort of outdoor adventure.” – jknapik52

Survivor HK-690S Survival Knife 8.5-Inch Overall

Stainless steel blade with saw spine – Silver finish soild metal handle and guard – 4 blade – 8-1/2 overall – Nylon belt sheath – Survival kit (contents may vary–our choice only).

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